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About Us

Medipet Co., Ltd. Est. on 2006
The company locate in Samutprakarn on the area of 8,000 square meters. Today we have more than 70 employees and two strong salesman teams, which cover all the area in Thailand. Today we reach our sale value to 300 millions baht per year of pet product. We have almost 800 pet shops customer in Thailand such as Manoon Pet Shop, KU Garden, The Mall Group, Max Value, Pet Safari and etc.



Main Product
We have two main product, our first main product is pet snack for dog and cat under the brand
"Pet8". Pet8 is our house brand. All items under the brand "Pet8" are all high quality which is match with a reasonable price and all items are guarantee. All the snack are made in Thailand from our associate factory and vital partner factory by using OEM under the brand of "Pet8" such as chicken jerky, dog chew, biscuit, chicken stick and etc. We also distributed dog snack "Vitalife" brand from Canada.

Our second main product is Cat litter, which have many type such as bentonite cat litter, silica gel (crystal) cat litter and volcano cat litter. We imported from China and Canada by using our house brand "SeeSand" and "Pet8", we also distributed the brand "Cuddles" and "Simplicity Plus" from Canada. We have quality check in every shipment by random to provide the good quality for our customer. Our Cat litter market have been growing rapidly every year and in 2016 we have import 250 containers in total.



Our Product
Many other items have been import from many countries by using OEM under the brand of "Pet8" such as pet accessories, pet carrier, pet cage, pet toy, leash, collar, harness, pet sheet,
pet stroller and etc. We have our research team to expand and upgrade our product by searching new product and our customer needed. We are not just distribute our house brand, we also looking for other partner to distributed their product. We have been distributed  many other item under their brand, and become a vital partner. We distributed under the brand "Cuddles",
"Simplicity Plus", "Vitalife", "Green Labo" and "Edel Cat".



Our Vision
The company have a lot of potential to grow even bigger in the market. We have the confidential of improve and expand our product to meet our customer requirement. We have expand our product every year, in 2017 we have added 70 new items and already launch into the market. For dog snack we have level up the quality and launch out the brand "Tasty Dog", for accessories such as Cat toilet we have improve the design and quality to meet the consumer satisfaction.  We are wide open to new cooperation. We are not just looking for present, but we also look into the future, the market that always have change, so we are well prepare to face any challenge in the market.

Since 2006,

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